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What is Kazakh Short U?

Kazakh Short U (Ұ ұ; italics: Ұ ұ) is a letter of the Cyrillic script. In Unicode, this letter is called "Straight U with stroke". Its form is the Cyrillic letter Ue (Ү ү Ү ү) with a horizontal line through it. It is similar to the symbol for the Japanese yen or the Chinese yuan (¥), and the Latin letter Y with stroke (Ɏ ɏ). Kazakh Short U is used in the alphabet of the Kazakh language, where it represents the close back rounded vowel /u/, or the near-close near-back rounded vowel /ʊ/. In other circumstances, it is used as a replacement for the former letter to represent close front rounded vowel /y/ in situations where it would be easilly confused with Cyrillic letter У у. It is romanized as ⟨u⟩ in Kazakh.

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Straight U with strokeҰ


Ұ (cs)Ұ (de)Ұ (fr)Ұ (it)Ұ (ja)Ұ (pl)Ұ (pt)Ұ (ru)Ұ (zh)Ұ (кирилиця) (uk)

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