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What is Kiesselbach's plexus?

Kiesselbach's plexus, is a vascular network of the five arteries that supply the nasal septum. The arteries anastomose to form the plexus which is a common site for nosebleeds. It lies in the anterior inferior part of the septum known as Little's area, also Kiesselbach's area, or Kiesselbach's triangle. The arteries are: * Anterior ethmoidal artery (branch of the ophthalmic artery) * Sphenopalatine artery (terminal branch of the maxillary artery) * Greater palatine artery (from the maxillary artery) * Septal branch of the superior labial artery (from the facial artery) * Posterior ethmoidal artery (branch of the opthalmic artery) - There is contention as whether this is truly part of kiesselbach's plexus. Most sources quote that it is not part of the plexus but rather one of the blood supplies for the nasal septum itself. It runs vertically downwards just behind the columella, crosses the floor of the nose and joins venous plexus on the lateral nasal wall. It is a common site for bleeding in young people.

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Kesselbach's areaKesselbach's plexusKiesselbach's areaKiesselbachs plexusLittle's areaLittle's plexusLocus Kiesselbachi


Kiesselbachs plexus (sv)Locus Kiesselbachi (de)Plexo de Kiesselbach (es)Splot Kiesselbacha (pl)ضفيرة كيسلباخ (ar)キーゼルバッハ部位 (ja)

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