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What is Kolmogorov extension theorem?

In mathematics, the Kolmogorov extension theorem (also known as Kolmogorov existence theorem, the Kolmogorov consistency theorem or the Daniell-Kolmogorov theorem) is a theorem that guarantees that a suitably "consistent" collection of finite-dimensional distributions will define a stochastic process. It is credited to the English mathematician Percy John Daniell and the Russian mathematician Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov..

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Kolmogorov consistency principleKolmogorov consistency theoremKolmogorov existence theoremKolmogorov's existence theoremKolmogorov's extension theorem


Erweiterungssatz von Kolmogorov (de)Teorema da extensão de Kolmogorov (pt)Théorème d'extension de Kolmogorov (fr)

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