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What is Kummer configuration?

In geometry, the Kummer configuration, named for Ernst Kummer, is a geometric configuration of 16 points and 16 planes such that each point lies on 6 of the planes and each plane contains 6 of the points. Further, every pair of points is incident with exactly two planes, and every two planes intersect in exactly two points. The configuration is therefore a biplane, specifically, a 2−(16,6,2) design. The 16 nodes and 16 tropes of a Kummer surface form a Kummer configuration. There are three different non-isomorphic ways to select 16 different 6-sets from 16 elements satisfying the above properties, that is, forming a biplane. The most symmetric of the three is the Kummer configuration, also called "the nicest biplane" on 16 points.

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