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LW1 is a para-Alpine standing skiing classification for people with severe lower extreme disabilities in both extremities. It includes both skiers with amputations and cerebral palsy. International classification is done through International Paralympic Committee Alpine Skiing, and national classification through local national sport federations. LW1 classified skiers use outriggers, and two skis or one ski with a prosthesis. Other equipment is used during training such as ski-tips, ski-bras, and short skis. As this classification includes skiers with cerebral palsy and amputations, there are different skiing techniques used specific to these disability types. For skiers with amputations falling is an important skill to learn, while addressing balance is an important thing for skiers with cerebral palsy to master. A factoring system is used to allow LW1 competitors to fairly compete against skiers in other standing classifications. At events such as the 1990 Disabled Alpine World Championships, this class had its own medal events. In later events such as the 2002 Winter Paralympics, it was grouped with other classes for a single medal event. Skiers in this class include New Zealanders Adam Hall and Kevin O'Sullivan.

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