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What is Microwave Radiometer (Juno)?

Microwave Radiometer (MWR) is an instrument on the Juno orbiter sent to planet Jupiter. MWR is a multi-wavelength microwave radiometer for making observations of Jupiter's deep atmosphere. MWR can observe radiation from 1.37 to 50 cm in wavelength, from 600 MHz to 22 GHz in frequencies. This supports its goal of observing the previously unseen atmospheric features and chemical abundances hundreds of miles/km into Jupiter's atmosphere. MWR is designed to detect six different frequencies in that range using separate antennas. MWR views Jupiter's microwave radiation so it can see up to hundreds of miles deep into the planet. In August 2016, as Juno swung closely by the planet MWR achieved a penetration of 200 to 250 miles (350 to 400 kilometers) below the surface cloud layer. MWR is designed to make observations below the cloud-tops, especially detecting the abundances of certain chemicals and determine dynamic features. The region has not been observed like this previously. MWR was launched aboard the Juno spacecraft on August 5, 2011 (UTC) from Cape Canaveral, USA, as part of the New Frontiers program, and after an interplanetary journey that including a swingby of Earth, entered a polar orbit of Jupiter on July 5, 2016 (UTC), The electronics for MWR are located inside the Juno Radiation Vault, which uses titanium to protect it and other spacecraft electronics. The antennas and transmission lines are designed to handle the radiation environment at Jupiter so the instrument can function.

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Mikrowellenradiometer (de)Radiòmetre de microones (ca)Radiomètre micro-onde (fr)Микроволновый радиометр (ru)微波辐射计 (zh)

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