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What is Morrisby Profile?

The Morrisby Profile is an integrated set of twelve tests which assess mental function. The assessment, which is considered a comprehensive battery test, offers complete statement concerning the basic mental structure of an individual, is employed in personnel selection, , and personal counselling. Published by Educational and Industrial Test Services Ltd, T/A The Morrisby Organisation, the Morrisby Profile (MP) is a considerably revised version of the Morrisby Differential Test Battery, originally authored by John Morrisby. It consists of six ability tests, four personality measures and two manual dexterity measures. The six ability tests include: the Compound Series Test (CST); three General Ability Tests (GAT) (Verbal, Numerical and Perceptual); the Shapes Test and the Mechanical Ability Test. The tests used in vocational counselling also an occupational interest questionnaire, along with the ability and personality tests. The four 'personality' measures are derived from four speed tests (which produce what is called the 'modal' profile). Two other speed tests are used to produce the 'dexterity' profile. The ability tests may be used separately and the whole battery may be used either in its entirety as a selection and development measure or linked with an interest inventory and a computerised report to form the Morrisby Guidance Service (MGS). Although scores on the ability measures can be related to the general population through norms, vocational interpretations are based more strongly on the pattern of aptitudes shown. In 2014 an online version of the Morrisby Profile was launched. In this version, the Speed tests are replaced by a Jungian type indicator and the Compound Series and two Dexterity measures have been removed. The paper version of the Morrisby Profile is being phased out from 31st August 2020. Morrisby Profile is used for the My Career Insights service to deliver career advisory services to Year 9 students in all government schools in Victoria, Australia. The initiative is being delivered by the Career Education Association of Victoria and Career Analysts on behalf of the Department of Education and Training Victoria.

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