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What is Nippon Scout Jamboree?

The Nippon Scout Jamboree (日本スカウトジャンボリー, Nippon Sukauto Janborī) is a Scouting Jamboree held by the Scout Association of Japan, and is the largest Scouting event in Japan. "Scout" was added to the name beginning in 2018. Jamborees are held once every four years, and are abbreviated as "NJ", or including the number of the event, as (for example) 14NJ for the 14th Nippon Jamboree. The first postwar all-Japan camp held to celebrate to reorganization of the Boy Scouts of Japan was held September 24–25, 1949 in Tokyo. The second All-Japan Camporee was held from August 18–20, 1950. The third All-Japan Camporee was held from August 4–6, 1951. Beginning with the fourth All-Japan Camporee, the name was changed to Nippon Jamboree.

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Nippon Jamboree


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