Nominative–Accusative Alignment

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What is Nominative–accusative alignment?

In linguistic typology, nominative–accusative alignment is a type of morphosyntactic alignment in which subjects of intransitive verbs are treated like subjects of transitive verbs, and are distinguished from objects of transitive verbs in basic clause constructions. Morphosyntactic alignment can be coded by case-marking, verb agreement and/or word order. Nominative–accusative alignment has a wide global distribution and is the most common alignment system among the world’s languages (including English). Languages with nominative–accusative alignment are commonly called nominative–accusative languages.

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Accusative languageNominative languageNominative-accusativeNominative-accusative alignmentNominative-accusative languageNominative-accusative languagesNominative–accusativeNominative–accusative language

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