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What is Partial veil?

In mycology, a partial veil (also called an inner veil, to differentiate it from the "outer" veil, or velum) is a temporary structure of tissue found on the fruiting bodies of some basidiomycete fungi, typically agarics. Its role is to isolate and protect the developing spore-producing surface, represented by gills or tubes, found on the lower surface of the cap. A partial veil, in contrast to a universal veil, extends from the stem surface to the cap edge. The partial veil later disintegrates, once the fruiting body has matured and the spores are ready for dispersal. It might then give rise to a stem ring, or fragments attached to the stem or cap edge. In some mushrooms, both a partial veil and a universal veil may be present.

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Velo parcial (es)Velum partiale (nl)Véu parcial (pt)Voile partiel (fr)內蓋膜 (zh)

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