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What is Periodic function?

A periodic function is a function that repeats its values at regular intervals, for example, the trigonometric functions, which repeat at intervals of 2π radians. Periodic functions are used throughout science to describe oscillations, waves, and other phenomena that exhibit periodicity. Any function that is not periodic is called aperiodic.

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Feidhm pheiriadach (ga)Fonction périodique (fr)Função periódica (pt)Funció periòdica (ca)Función periódica (es)Funkcja okresowa (pl)Funtzio periodiko (eu)Funzione periodica (it)Perioda funkcio (eo)Periodická funkce (cs)Periodieke functie (nl)Periodische Funktion (de)Periodisk funktion (sv)Περιοδική συνάρτηση (el)Периодическая функция (ru)Періодична функція (uk)دالة دورية (ar)주기함수 (ko)周期函数 (zh)周期関数 (ja)

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