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In complex analysis, a removable singularity of a holomorphic function is a point at which the function is undefined, but it is possible to redefine the function at that point in such a way that the resulting function is regular in a neighbourhood of that point. For instance, the (unnormalized) sinc function has a singularity at z = 0. This singularity can be removed by defining , which is the limit of as z tends to 0. The resulting function is holomorphic. In this case the problem was caused by being given an indeterminate form. Taking a power series expansion for around the singular point shows that Formally, if is an open subset of the complex plane , a point of , and is a holomorphic function, then is called a removable singularity for if there exists a holomorphic function which coincides with on . We say is holomorphically extendable over if such a exists.

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Removable singular pointRiemann's theorem on removable singularities


Ophefbare singulariteit (nl)Riemannscher Hebbarkeitssatz (de)Singularidade removível (pt)Устранимая особая точка (ru)Усувна особлива точка (uk)可去奇点 (zh)可除特異点 (ja)

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