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What is Resolution (law)?

In law, resolution is a written motion adopted by a deliberative body. The substance of the resolution can be anything that can normally be proposed as a motion. For long or important motions, though, it is often better to have them written out so that discussion is easier or so that it can be distributed outside the body after its adoption. An alternate term for a resolution is a resolve. Resolutions are commonly used in corporations and houses of legislature.

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automated theorem provingchromatographydiffractionelectron densityformal methodknow-howlogicmass spectrometrymethodmotions (parliamentary procedureparliamentary procedurepartypolitical partypropositionresolutions (lawrulerules of inferencesocial groupstatementtheoremtheorems in propositional logic


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Resolução (direito) (pt)Resolució (dret internacional) (ca)Resolución (derecho) (es)Resolutie (logica) (nl)Résolution (politique) (fr)Rezolucio (eo)Risoluzione (spettrometria di massa) (it)Uchwała (pl)Usnesení (cs)Ψήφισμα (el)Резолюция (ru)Резолюція (uk)분해 증명 (ko)国会決議 (ja)归结原理 (zh)

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