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What is Shift JIS?

Shift JIS (Shift Japanese Industrial Standards, also SJIS, MIME name Shift_JIS) is a character encoding for the Japanese language, originally developed by a Japanese company called ASCII Corporation in conjunction with Microsoft and standardized as JIS X 0208 Appendix 1. By 2020, 0.2% of all web pages used Shift JIS, a decline from 1.3% in July 2014. Japanese websites have the lowest adoption of Unicode (after South Korean web sites, where EUC-KR, is more popular): UTF-8 is only used for 89.5% of the websites (the rest is Shift JIS and EUC-JP).

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CsShiftJISJA16SJISMacJapaneseMS KanjiShift Japanese Industrial StandardsSJISX-sjis


Shift-JIS (cs)Shift-JIS (fr)Shift-JIS (it)

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