Siegel Modular Variety

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What is Siegel modular variety?

In mathematics, a Siegel modular variety or Siegel moduli space is an algebraic variety that parametrizes certain types of abelian varieties of a fixed dimension. More precisely, Siegel modular varieties are the moduli spaces of principally polarized abelian varieties of a fixed dimension. They are named after Carl Ludwig Siegel, the 20th-century German number theorist who introduced the varieties in 1943. Siegel modular varieties are the most basic examples of Shimura varieties. Siegel modular varieties generalize moduli spaces of elliptic curves to higher dimensions and play a central role in the theory of Siegel modular forms, which generalize classical modular forms to higher dimensions. They also have applications to black hole entropy and conformal field theory.

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Siegel moduli space

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