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What is Star domain?

In mathematics, a set S in the Euclidean space Rn is called a star domain (or star-convex set, star-shaped set or radially convex set) if there exists an x0 in S such that for all x in S the line segment from x0 to x is in S. This definition is immediately generalizable to any real or complex vector space. Intuitively, if one thinks of S as of a region surrounded by a wall, S is a star domain if one can find a vantage point x0 in S from which any point x in S is within line-of-sight. A similar, but distinct, concept is that of a radial set.

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ActiniformStar convexStar convex setStar convexityStar shaped domainStar shaped setStar-convexStar-convex setStar-convexityStar-like domainStar-shapedStar-shaped domainStar-shaped regionStar-shaped set


Insieme stellato (it)Partie étoilée (fr)Sterngebiet (de)Stervormige verzameling (nl)Stjärnformat område (sv)Звёздная область (ru)Зірчата область (uk)별모양 영역 (ko)星形域 (zh)星状領域 (ja)

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