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What is Subspace topology?

In topology and related areas of mathematics, a subspace of a topological space X is a subset S of X which is equipped with a topology induced from that of X called the subspace topology (or the relative topology, or the induced topology, or the trace topology).

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Closed subspaceDense topological subspaceOpen subspaceRelative topologySubspaceTopological subspaceTrace topology


Deelruimtetopologie (nl)Delrumstopologi (sv)Subespaço topológico (pt)Teilraumtopologie (de)Topologia di sottospazio (it)Topologia podprzestrzeni (pl)Topologia traça (ca)Topología traza (es)Topologie induite (fr)Индуцированная топология (ru)Індукована топологія (uk)부분공간 위상 (ko)相対位相 (ja)相對化拓撲 (zh)

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