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What is Systainer?

Systainers (from sys-tem con-tainers) are modular inter-stacking plastic containers used for transporting power tools. Boxes from different manufacturers are compatible and can be stacked and clipped together. A design using four joining clips was introduced by Festo Tooltechnic in 1993. In 2010 the T-Loc variant was introduced using a rotating handle for connecting and locking of containers, in combination with redesigned feet. To reduce plastic pollution, Festo designed the Systainer to first allow distribution of products, then be reused in stacking form as reusable packaging for tool transportation and storage. Several power tool manufacturers use or offer Systainer-compatible variants. Other manufacturers use the alternative Sortimo L-Boxx design. The term "Systainer" was trademarked in the United States in January 1994.

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