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What is The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art?

The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art (simplified Chinese: 九章算术; traditional Chinese: 九章算術; pinyin: Jiǔzhāng Suànshù; Wade–Giles: chiu3 chang1 suan4 shu1) is a Chinese mathematics book, composed by several generations of scholars from the 10th–2nd century BCE, its latest stage being from the 2nd century CE. This book is one of the earliest surviving mathematical texts from China, the first being Suan shu shu (202 BCE – 186 BCE) and Zhoubi Suanjing (compiled throughout the Han until the late 2nd century CE). It lays out an approach to mathematics that centres on finding the most general methods of solving problems, which may be contrasted with the approach common to ancient Greek mathematicians, who tended to deduce propositions from an initial set of axioms. Entries in the book usually take the form of a statement of a problem, followed by the statement of the solution, and an explanation of the procedure that led to the solution. These were commented on by Liu Hui in the 3rd century.

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Jiu Zhang Suan shuJiuzhang SuanshuJiǔzhāng SuànshùNine Chapters on the Mathematical Art九章算术九章算術


De negen hoofdstukken van de wiskundige kunst (nl)Devět kapitol matematického umění (cs)Els nou capítols de les arts matemàtiques (ca)Jiu Zhang Suanshu (de)Jiuzhang Suanshu (es)Jiuzhang Suanshu (in)Les Neuf Chapitres sur l'art mathématique (fr)Nio Böcker om Räknekonsten (sv)Os nove capítulos da arte matemática (pt)Математика в дев'яти книгах (uk)Математика в девяти книгах (ru)구장산술 (ko)九章算术 (zh)九章算術 (ja)

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