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What is Topological category?

In category theory, a discipline in mathematics, the notion of topological category has a number of different, inequivalent definitions. In one approach, a topological category is a category that is enriched over the category of compactly generated Hausdorff spaces. They can be used as a foundation for higher category theory, where they can play the role of (∞,1)-categories. An important example of a topological category in this sense is given by the category of CW complexes, where each set Hom(X,Y) of continuous maps from X to Y is equipped with the compact-open topology. In another approach, a topological category is defined as a category along with a forgetful functor that maps to the category of sets and has the following three properties: * admits initial (also known as weak) structures with respect to * Constant functions in lift to -morphisms * Fibers are small (they are sets and not proper classes). An example of a topological category in this sense is the category of all topological spaces with continuous maps, where one uses the standard forgetful functor.

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