Transformational Theory Of Imitation

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Psychological Theory
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What is Transformational theory of imitation?

Transformational theory of imitation is one of the two types of theories that provide alternative accounts of the psychological processes underlying imitation in animals. Associative theories (being the other theory of imitation) suggesting successful imitation matches between a behavior of the demonstrator and the model to be acquired from experiences, transformational theories are in complete contrast suggesting successful imitation matches are derived internally from a series of elaborated cognitive processes that exist void of any experiences. According to transformational theories, sensory input seen by the model of the demonstrator's action is transformed into a "imaged representation" that contains the fundamental information for the model to accurately execute the imitation of the demonstrator. In transformational theories, simply observing the behaviors of the demonstrator creates an incentive to duplicate them because we already have the codes to replicate them.

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