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What is Tychonoff space?

In topology and related branches of mathematics, Tychonoff spaces and completely regular spaces are kinds of topological spaces. These conditions are examples of separation axioms. Tychonoff spaces are named after Andrey Nikolayevich Tychonoff, whose Russian name (Тихонов) is variously rendered as "Tychonov", "Tikhonov", "Tihonov", "Tichonov" etc, who introduced them in 1930 in order to avoid the pathological situation of Hausdorff spaces whose only continuous real-valued functions are constant maps.

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Completely regularCompletely regular spaceCompletely regular spacesCompletely T3 spaceCompletely-regular spaceT3½Tikhonov spaceTychonov space


Espace complètement régulier (fr)Espacio de Tíjonov (es)Espaço completamente regular (pt)Przestrzeń Tichonowa (pl)Spazio di Tychonoff (it)Tychonov-ruimte (nl)Vollständig regulärer Raum (de)Вполне регулярное пространство (ru)Цілком регулярний простір (uk)티호노프 공간 (ko)吉洪诺夫空间 (zh)

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