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Whirled was a website created by Grey Havens. It was announced at the Game Developers Conference in 2007. It was in the Open Beta stage, but never fully released. Until its downfall in April 2016, it remained in Open Beta to the public. The principle behind the game was that it will be a web-based social world for chat and games, similar to the PlayStation 3 game Home and Second Life. Where Whirled differed from other sites of a similar genre was that much of the content will be user created. Images from anywhere could be used and uploaded onto whirled and made as in-game objects. The site's domain became inactive (believed to be permanent) on April 8, 2017. On August 1, 2016, an alpha for a revival of the site called Synced Online was launched, and was only accessible to players who had paid at least $10 for a Founder Pack, after which said players were given links accessible via Hamachi, where they had early access to account creation. Synced Online's official beta launch date with the public domain took place on August 25, 2016. On August 31st 2018 a further developed Whirled clone launched under the name Whirled Club. This rendition successfully brought back parlor games, a feature lost since Whirled closed. A few other slightly modified versions of the game were launched following Synced Online, such as Glowbe and TensorTown, but eventually all versions of the site ceased hosting excluding Whirled Club and Tensor Town.

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