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What is World Year of Physics 2005?

The year 2005 was named the World Year of Physics, also known as Einstein Year, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's "Miracle Year", in which he published four landmark papers, and the subsequent advances in the field of physics.

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2005 世界物理年 (zh)Année de la physique (fr)Anno internazionale della fisica (it)Ano Mundial da Física (pt)Año mundial de la física 2005 (es)Jahr der Physik 2005 (de)Międzynarodowy Rok Fizyki 2005 (pl)Wereldjaar van de Natuurkunde (nl)Всемирный год физики 2005 (ru)세계 물리의 해 (ko)世界物理年 (ja)

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