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Technology is changing faster than ever. And for the most part, companies have kept pace. But many work with old and aging technologies even though newer, better and easier tech is available. With all of the technological advances we’re surrounded by, why doesn't every Techie works with the best tech for his job?

What is Techmap?

Techmap is the tech search engine we always wished we had. Built for Techies that want to work with Tech they love and care about where their time and energy goes.

We've charted technologies used in companies from different sources and built an extensive technology knowledge graph. This Technology Graph is used in our tech search engine to help developers, students and freelancers finding companies using specific technologies right at their doorstep. Thereby empowering businesses and individuals to match employment and project needs around the world.

Finally, a "Google for Workplaces" that helps people find a place to work with technologies they love!

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What is Techmap's Mission?

Our goal is to build a one-stop platform for all your technology info needs – from simple searching for companies using the tech you love to technology usage, alternatives, experts, news, and more.

Built by techies for techies!


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Where is Techmap?

Our headquarters is located in Germany's IT-Metropolis Karlsruhe in the South-West of Germany - an hour South of Frankfurt and West of Stuttgart. Known as the "internet capital" of Germany, Karlsruhe is home of the KIT and has a great Tech and Startup ecosystem!

The Karlsruhe greater area is truly a hidden gem when it comes to Deep-Tech & B2B startups: origin of Zenkit,, Campusjäger, Kolibri Games, Blue Yonder, Volocopter and many many more - as well as home of large enterprises such as SAP, DM, BASF, and 1&1.