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Technologies you Love!

What is Techmap?

We love technology and care deeply that developers work with technologies they love. This is why we are building a location-based information hub on technologies and their use in companies.

More precise, Techmap is a map-based tech search engine to find companies using specific technologies in an area. It help individuals and recruiters to find companies that are using technologies (e.g., Rails, PHP, Java, etc.) one likes or has the right experts to offer as temporary workers.

What are Techmap's use cases?

Our main goal is to help people find workplaces which use technologies they love and want to work with. Typical target groups and use cases for Techmap are therefore:

  • Students looking for their first job without being fixed on a technology stack or a specific region.
  • Employees looking for their next job with a specific tech stack near their current home (e.g., companies within 30 minutes of commute).
  • Freelancers looking for a new opportunity with specific technologies in inspiring regions or vacation resorts (e.g., companies in Barcelona).
  • Headhunter looking to place a currently available employee or freelancer (i.e., not hired by a mandating company) at a new company.
  • CTOs looking for companies to outsource work with a specific technology – esp. to low-wage countries.
  • CTOs & Entrepreneurs comparing the use and spread of a technology in a city, in order to evaluate the job market for developers in a region.
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What can Techmap do?

To achieve our goal, we collected large amounts of data on companies and developed the following tools to support students, employees and freelancers finding companies in specific regions that use technologies they want to work with or learn more about.

  • Map-based Search to find companies using specific technologies in a region.
  • Technology-based Search to find, browse and learn about technologies.
  • Company-based Search to find and learn about specific companies by name.
  • Region-based Search find, browse and learn about cities, counties, states, and countries.

Future releases will include User Accounts to edit companies, technologies and regions, Newsletters to stay informed about new companies or tech changes in a region, as well as improvements to the Search and Job Application workflow.