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What is Eyepatch?

An eyepatch is a small patch that is worn in front of one eye. It may be a cloth patch attached around the head by an elastic band or by a string, an adhesive bandage, or a plastic device which is clipped to a pair of glasses. It is often worn by people to cover a lost or injured eye, but it also has a therapeutic use in children for the treatment of amblyopia (See orthoptics and vision therapy). Eyepatches used to block light while sleeping are referred to as a sleep mask. Eyepatches associated with pirates are a stereotype originating from fiction. An eyepad or eye pad is a soft medical dressing that can be applied over an eye to protect it. It is not necessarily the same as an eyepatch.

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eyewearmedical equipmentophthalmology


augenklappecache-œilögonlappooglapjeøyelappparche para el ojopáska přes okopedaç ocularpenutup mataprzepaska na okosilmälapputapa-olhová mắtвачавая павязкаглазная повязкаרטייהعصابة عين안대眼帯眼罩


eye patcheye maskeye padeye patcheye patchingeyepadeyepatchesokluzorparche ocularpedaç ocular.pedaç per a l'ullpirate eye patchtapa olhoアイパッチ

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