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What is Veronica (search engine)?

Veronica was a search engine system for the Gopher protocol, released in November 1992 by Steven Foster and Fred Barrie at the University of Nevada, Reno. During its existence, Veronica was a constantly updated database of the names of almost every menu item on thousands of Gopher servers. The Veronica database could be searched from most major Gopher menus. Although the original Veronica database is no longer accessible, various local Veronica installations and at least one complete rewrite ("Veronica-2") still exist.

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directiongopher protocolinternet protocolinternet search engineinternet standardprotocolrulesearch enginestandardsystem of measurementunix internet software


very easy rodent-oriented netwide index to computerized archives维罗妮卡


fred barrieveronicavery easy rodent-oriented net-wide index to computer archives面向啮齿动物的简易全网络计算机档案索引


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